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Activities for teaching MYP and DP students to question what they hear in the news.

This site offers resources for the classroom that address key current issues.

This lesson presents the important and extensive roles of women in social justice movements.

Immigration and Border Lines, Tackling Terrorism and Anti-Muslim Rhetoric, #NoDAPL and the Environment

Free activity kits for teaching kindness to students ages 4-12.

Y.E.S. supports select literacy initiatives for elementary and middle school students.

Resources for addressing election issues in the classroom.

Challenges kids and teens to build empathy, be kind and show they care

We provide free educational materials to teachers and other school practitioners in the U.S. and Canada.

Tools that serve to enrich students’ discovery and understanding of places and cultures other than their own.

A resource for talking about race with young children

Supporting the teaching and learning of transatlantic histories and legacies

For the Advancement of Teaching and Learning

Standing up to bullying and intolerence

Learn: Teachers and Students

An innovative approach to learning geography

Building connections to schools and communities in need

Building social justice starting in the classroom

Teaching a People's History

A coloring book for all ages

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