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To advocate for access to an IB education for all and provide support to IB World Schools through professional development, curriculum planning, program implementation, and scholarship programs.
The tremendous growth of the IB in Texas has resulted in the establishment of Texas IB Schools (TIBS), a 501(c)(3) organization and a recognized Association of IB World Schools that supports the general improvement of education for students enrolled in IB programmes in the state of Texas.
To this end, TIBS works to:
  • ensure a continuity and commitment to the standards of performance espoused by the International Baccalaureate Organization;
  • facilitate quality program development, curriculum improvement and effective implementation of all components of International Baccalaureate through a cooperative exchange;
  • support and sponsor staff development and training in conjunction with the International Baccalaureate Organization and state programs for teachers, counselors, coordinators, and administrators;
  • provide centralized communication for all member programs for general policy, concerns, needs, and ideas;
  • and foster recognition and understanding of International Baccalaureate programs by North American universities and colleges.



  • provides numerous scholarships and innovative teaching/training grants to deserving students and teachers each year

  • participates in state and national conferences

           * TAGT Annual Conference

           * Magnet Schools of Texas  Conf.                   * Texas Association of Secondary                       School Principals

           * National Middle School Association

  • partners with various organizations around the state

           * University of Texas-Arlington

           * We Help Too

           * The Trevor Romain Company

  • hosts semi-annual Roundtable sessions

  • conducts community meetings for interested schools/districts

  • is an IB Regional Association Member

  • is an IB Workshop Provider

  • is an Annual Global Sponsor for IB Conference of the Americas

Key Events



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