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Textbooks Available Through Kognity



   Theory of Knowledge


Group 3

    Economics HL and SL

    Psychology HL and SL

    Business Management HL and SL

    Geography HL and SL

    History:  Authoritarian States

Texas IB Schools is pleased to announce our partnership with Kognity, one of the world’s leaders in textbooks which support the Diploma Programme. Because Kognity was founded by IB alumni, they've designed the ultimate textbook and learning resource based on their  own IB experience. Kognity is now trusted in over  25% of all IBDP schools around the world, as they help students become owners of their own learning journey, and teachers help each student based on their individual needs.

TIBS and Kognity believe that students deserve the best textbooks possible to support their DP journey.  Kognity has adapted the traditional textbook to digitally consumable text with video examples, 3D models and practice tests to make the content more interactive and engaging. The best part is that all the textbooks are curriculum-aligned and are designed to enhance deeper learning. Together with teachers, curriculum experts, and our developers, Kognity combines pedagogy and technology to take students’ learning to the next level.


Textbooks include the following:

  • Comprehensive coverage of a range of the IBDP’s latest curriculum guides

  • Carefully-curated videos, animations and simulations

  • Key terms defined and language made accessible for international learners

  • Extensive exam-style questions

  • Internal Assessment guides


What students and educators say about Kognity:

 90% of students feel that Kognity has helped them achieve higher scores

86% of students find Kognity more engaging and fun than their textbooks

89% of teachers find that Kognity simplifies formative assessment



To learn more about the Kognity Diploma Programme textbooks,  please go to Kognity to request a demonstration.

  History:  The Cold War

  History:  The Move to Global War


Group 4

   Biology HL and SL

   Chemistry HL and SL

   Physics HL and SL

   Environmental Systems and               Societies



Group 5

  Mathematics: Appreciation &         

  Interpretaion HL and SL


  Mathematics:  Analysis and 

  Approaches  HL and SL







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